How do you know which wedding dress is the right one? There are several ways to ensure the one you choose will be perfect when the big day arrives. If you have already tried on several and could not quite find the right look, there is a reason. It is because you need to know the following issues that affect the dress you are choosing.

The Style

The dress you ultimately choose will have to be one that emphasizes your good qualities and hides the ones that are not so good. This is why the style is so important. Be honest with yourself about the shape of your body. If you wear a dress with an empire waist it will help to conceal a body shape that is a bit heavy on the bottom.

If you are a little on the heavy side, do not purchase a wedding gown that would look better on a smaller person. Every bride to be has a tendency to want to lose weight before her wedding day. However, that might not happen and then you are stuck with a dress that obviously looks too small.

If the upper part of your body is great, emphasize it with a style that is off the shoulder, strapless or has spaghetti straps. Just the opposite, if your arms are heavy a dress with sleeves or a wrap would look much better. If you have great legs, you may want to choose a shorter style dress to show them off. If they are not one of your best features, a longer dress will be the answer.

The Color

With so many people choosing pastels as well as white for their wedding dress, this is another important point. The color has to emphasize your skin tone to make an impression. If you are a pale person, you do not want to wear a color that makes you look washed out. Extreme white would not be a good color.

If you are dark-skinned, white would work very well. Pale blues and greens are beautiful with a darker skin tone. The in-between skin tone will be best with colors that give you a healthy glow. You probably already know what your best color is just from the normal clothes you wear. Use good judgment and your dress will be perfect.

The Material

Another mistake many women make is choosing the wrong fabric. This is partially a choice based on the season, but your height can make a difference as well. If you are on the short side, choose a fabric that is a lighter weight material rather than a heavy one. Wearing a lighter weight fabric with heels can add height to your appearance.

If you are tall opt for a material that has a sweeping effect such as satin. Stylish and elegant materials, such as a lightweight lace will tone down the height and wearing lower heels will help as well.

Choosing your dress will be a big decision and once you have decided and wear it, the choice cannot be taken back. The dress will be in all your wedding photos and will be seen for many years. Use all resources to ensure that the dress you wear will make you look stunning.