Car Detailing Guide

Full Auto Detailing Service: What It Includes

A car detailer, using special tools, can clean your vehicle, in and out, to remove dirt and debris. Besides having a show-worthy car, auto detailing keeps your sedan in excellent condition and improves its resale value.

Paint Care

Remove contaminants – dirt, tar, bird poop and industrial fallout – from the paint surface. Do this with a clay bar. Now polish the bodywork to eliminate any fine scratches and swirl marks. Wax to protect the paint and make it glossy.

Chassis and Wheel

Clean the framework beneath your car. Cleaning is done across the undercarriage, inside the wheels and around suspension components like control arms and anti-roll bars. After washing the wheels, apply a protectant. This improves lustre and prevents cracking and corrosion. This is a great tip from Duco Magic | Car Detailing Adelaide, experts in car detailing & paint protection services.

Taillights, Headlights and Exterior Trim

Polish your headlights and taillights if they’re showing signs of oxidation. After polishing, seal them with a plastic sealant. Now clean the chrome trim. For plastic or vinyl trims, dress with a protectant to prevent fading and breaking.

Engine Bay

Mist your engine bay with water, clean with an appropriate degreaser, and then rinse. Once dry, dress all rubber, plastic and silicone components to prevent cracking. Taking care of your engine is a crucial part of auto detailing.

Interior Detailing

At least, interior detailing should include cleaning all carpets and seats. You can do this either by shampooing or by steaming (use a steam cleaner). Clean and dress all vinyl and plastics. And wash and condition any leather. Don’t limit yourself to the passenger area. A thorough detail covers the trunk area too.

Car Detailing Costs

Prices range depending on your location, the kind of vehicle you drive and the expertise of the auto detailer. Large vehicles like vans and SUV’s cost more to detail. Expect to pay more for superior waxing, steam cleaning, special equipment and high-quality cleaners. It’s also expensive to shampoo carpets and clean leather seats. Take advantage of extra services including wheel detailing, engine cleaning and dent removal.


Doing it yourself is economical. On a weekend, you can detail your car as long as you have the right cleaning products. Since a full auto detail requires time, effort and skills, it’s better to hire a detailer. Though expensive, detailers do the job right the first time because they have the necessary equipment and expertise.

How to Select a Car Detailing Service

Everyone has different needs when hiring a car detailer. Therefore, during the selection process, don’t miss to explore:

  1. Features

Pick a company that offers what you want. Modest offerings are cheaper than – not better than – expansive services.

  1. Pricing

You’re fortunate if the company has a specials day. Some detailers offer a discount to their best customers. A car detailing company with impressive facilities, cleaner looking employees and well-maintained grounds may be expensive.

  1. Reviews

Look online and read reviews of local detailing companies. Concentrate on the positive and negative comments. Choose the one with the most affirmative feedback.

  1. General Considerations

Lastly, take the word of previous customers and see whether the detailer is BBB certified.